I recently ordered myself a set of Kiev 16u lenses from ebay for $180. Yes, 3 lenses for $180. I used these on my Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera with a RafCamera Kiev 16u to MFT adapter, which costs $35. This lens set included a 12mm, 20mm, and 50mm focal lengths, and overall I am very happy with the small investment. If I had one complaint, it would be that the focus ring on my 12mm and 50mm are very stiff and tight to pull focus. Sometimes it even unscrews from my adapter, which is a problem. This did not happen with the 20mm. It could be because they are used, or just old. I am not sure, so if anyone has made this same purchase I would be interested in hearing if you experienced the same. This lens set is a great option for frugal filmmakers with a MFT mount camera. Without further ado, the lens test. Hope you enjoy!

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