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Patrick Blonski is a filmmaker specializing in cinematography, known for his easy going personality, attention to detail, and passion for the craft, Patrick has been behind the camera (that’s a good thing) for 8 years. Patrick is a talented visionary and storyteller, in a blend of both creative & technical aspects of production.

Dynamic visual campaigns, clear communication, efficiency on set, proper equipment, high production value at any budget- these are his specialties. His professional and collaborative spirit has led him to work and be mentored by some of the most talented individuals in the New York, Philadelphia, and Atlanta areas. Patrick is a New York City native, and graduate from Pennsylvania State University. He currently lives in Atlanta. Patrick continues to strive and create compelling stories through his production company Room Tone Productions.

Clients Include: Penn State University, A&E Network, Food Network, Investigation Discovery, Philadelphia Arts + Business Council, American Archtop Guitars, Nazareth Guitar Institute, and GreenTowers.

Phone: (814) 206-6659